Girls Near Me

Girls Near Me

Finding girls has always seemed a little easier when I was traveling. Whether it’s the allure of an outsider or perhaps my confidence skyrockets?

I don’t know

Finding Girls Near Me Has Always Been Harder

I have a few theories on why this may be and I’ll share them with you in a moment.

First let’s set the scene. Who am I? How do I meet girls?

I’m Jax. I’ve been a bartender the last 10 years and I’ve just recently started blogging about what I’ve learned. When you spend as much time as I do around people, nightlife, dancing, and booze, you learn a lot about how to successfully hook up.

I come from shy roots and I still feel uncomfortable approaching women.

So how do I manage to sleep with a new girl every week?

I don’t approach women.

Approaching women is the worst way to get them to like you. You need to find ways to get them to like you from a distance. If you want to learn more about meeting women, see my blog.

I’ve learned how to be interesting at a distance, so that women approach me and the whole trick is keeping their interest. That’s it.

Back to why it’s so hard to meet girls near me.

Part of it is the fact that girls travel in groups to the same places. If you’re like me and know a lot people, you’re more exposed than you know.

If a girl in a group comes into my bar, all it takes is her group knowing someone in my group to have a first impression of me.

“My friend Jack heard from his roommate that he sleeps around”

Or worse…

“I have a friend who hooked up with him and he never called her!”

Reputation Management is Harder Locally

I find it’s always better to go to new places to meet women. Even if this means you have to drive an extra 30+ miles. Well worth the effort to meet women that don’t know anything about you.

You get to be whomever you want to be without risking a collision of networks that will send your chances crashing to the ground before you even knew you had a chance.

Other Strategies To Meet Local Girls

Hang out with friends from work you have blown off in the past

That group of guys always inviting you to hang out from the break room… they all have female friends. In general it’s really important to find groups instead of individuals when you’re starting from scratch.

Think of everyone as a potential hookup.

Even if it’s a dude, think about who he might know and how being nice to him might help you get laid.

The Supermarket

This one is a little trickier, but very doable. The hard part about meeting girls at your local grocery store is approaching them.

Instead of approaching, just look around at a specific fruit. Wait for a woman to walk up who’s also looking for fruit. Ask her a question about the fruit to help you make the right decision.

This is such a powerful technique. The idea is that you are focusing on the fruit, not her.

When you walk up to some one and look them in the eye to start talking to them, it’s very uncomfortable. For many women, it’s actually a turn off.

You want to start a conversation based on something meaningless and slowly direct your attention towards her.

Find Exclusive Parties

It’s actually easier than you think if you work at it a little bit. As a bartender, I’m always being invited to parties filled with beautiful women.

There’s your free advise – Talk to the bartender!

In general, meeting local girls near me doesn’t have to be so hard. I just try to seize natural opportunities as they come up instead of trying too hard to create opportunities.